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Countdown to Race Day

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Learn to Bet




Step 1: Decide How Much to Bet

The minimum "basic" bet is $2. You can bet more if you want. It's always up to you!

Step 2: Pick Your Horse

You can pick a horse because you like its name, number or colour. That's the fun way. Another way is to pick a horse because of a jockey's or driver's record, or the horse's past performance.

A race program, available for a small fee, will give you this information for every horse and for every race being held. You don't need a race program to pick a horse, but it does help!

Step 3: Pick Your Basic Bet

WIN: Your horse must finish first.
PLACE: Your horse must finish first or second.
SHOW: Your horse must finish first, second or third.


Once you've mastered the basic bets, you're ready to try other types of bets like the Daily Double, Exactor, Triactor, Superfecta, Pick 3, Pick 4 or Pick 6.

They're similar to making a basic bet, and a whole lot more fun. Because when you win a bet like these, you can win more money!

To help make these bets, we have included some examples below.

Choose a Betting Window to Place Your Bet

Once you've decided on the dollar amount, horse and bet type, you're ready to place your bet.

When you get to the betting window here's all that you have to say when you get there:

Racetrack Name: Woodbine
Race Number: Race #1
Bet Amount: $2
Horse Number: #7
Bet Type: Win

Put it all together and say: "Woodbine, race 1, two dollars on number 7 to win."

Your tell will collect your money and print out your ticket. Be sure to check your ticket to confirm it's the bet you want.


Choose a Self-Serve Terminal to Place Your Bet

When you get to a Self-Serve Terminal here's all you have to do when you get there:

Deposit money via dollar bills, voucher or Cash Card.
Press/Tap the track you would like to bet: Woodbine
Press/Tap the Race Number: Race #1
Press/Tap the Bet Amount: $2
Tap the Horse Number: #7
Press/Tap the Bet Type: Win
Press/Tap the "Finish With Receipt" button.

Be sure to check your ticket to confirm it's the bet you want.

Race ticket

After the Race

When the race is "official" take your ticket and check it against the official results to see if your ticket is a winner.

How To Play The Odds

Odds are the numbers appearing beside the horse's number and they're displayed on the TV monitors around the track, on the in-field board, or within the racing browser on the website.

Generally speaking, the more favo​ured a horse is by bettors, the lower the odds and the lower the pay-out.

Less popular horses have higher odds and a higher pay-out.

Here are some examples of how a $2 bet pays out at various odds.

ODDS: 1/2 8/5 2/1 7/2 5/1 10/1
PAYS: $3 $5.20 $6 $9 $12 $22

Here is how a 10/1 pays $22:
$2 bet x 10 is $20, plus you get your original $2 bet back, giving you $22.


To download a PDF instruction sheet please click h​ere.

Woodbine Entertainment Group supplies our downloadable documents exclusively in PDF (portable document format).  Your computer will require Adobe Reader in order to open, save and print these documents.  You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the manufacturer's website. Click the button below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.